Public Service Announcement: Adware and Malware

If you’re getting redirected from this website or seeing pop-ups or unwanted toolbars, your computer may have malware. Malware is software designed to take control and damage your computer.

Malware Symptoms & Threats

The malware symptoms below are common signs of a malware infection. However, many types of malware operate without alerting you to their presence. These covert programs may be even more of a malware threat, as they can lead to Internet dangers like identity theft and credit card fraud. The only way to know for sure if your computer has a malware infection is to run a free scan.

  • Interruptions from Pop-ups and Spam

    Familiar with pop-ups and spam? Harmless enough, right? Don't be fooled. While many pop-ups and emails from reputable companies are safe, the adware programs that generate illegitimate pop-ups are capable of installing spyware to hijack your browser and capture your personal information.
  • PC Performance Problems

    Slow PC or frequent computer crashes? Even a small amount of malware on a system can slow down computing and crash your PC because it operates in the background, sapping hard drive resources.
  • Unexplained PC Behavior

    Spyware can cause some unexplained PC behavior, especially for your browser. So if things are happening that you did not initiate, you may already be a victim. Some common changes in behavior include: mysterious new toolbars you can’t delete, unexplained changes to homepage settings and suspicious search results.


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Remove malware from your computer or browser

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